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About Me and Regionshops


   I am a software engineer, network administrator, and learning management system specialist with a higher school. I loved my work during the first years, but now, I feel that it has reached its limit. Since these two last years, no development, and no progress, it is simply limiting my growth. I think that it’s time to cross these limits and start trying new things. I have started with this website. It is aimed at encouraging online shopping for convenience goods where E-commerce technology use is very low. It is for sellers who are looking for a ready and pre-marketed E-commerce website. Furthermore, It can be helpful for customers, providing the possibility of online shopping from home, with the closest stores.

E-commerce is not successful in some countries (like mine), especially in the convenience goods market, and I expect this project to help many people. That is why I have chosen to do it. My friends were advising me to work freelance, but I prefer self-employment rather than doing projects with different companies for wages.

I spend most of my time in front of the computer. I am taking lessons in photography and cinema, and voice. English is my third language, after Arabic (my mother tongue) and French. I play GYM. I like music, and I consume it on YouTube and Spotify (my playlist is just here, take a look, you will not regret it).