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To be able to buy or sell with Regionshops, you must have an account. If you don’t have one yet, you can register through this link,

1. The Position

Here, you must determine where you want to expect orders. e.g. your home or worksite position. You can change this information later.

First, you move the map to the region of your place by typing its name in the search bar at the top of the page and pressing the enter button. After that, you put the marker in your current place. You must specify it precisely so that you avoid troubles during the delivery

2. The Family name and Name

You enter your name and your family name in upper case. You must put your real name/family name to demonstrate your discipline

3. The Email Address

You enter your email address, which you use frequently. The system must check it and ensure that it is yours and valid. The checking operation will not take place in this step (inscription), but you should do it later from the client space in a manual way.
buyer space

The checking operation consists in sending an email to the provided address containing a confirmation link, expiring in a while. You have to click on it to achieve the confirmation. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the login page again

This operation is required to be able to buy or sell on Regionshops system

4. The Password

You will have to use a strong password for security reasons. The password must be at least six characters long. Use an upper and lower case mixture with numbers and symbols

5. The Country

You should choose your real country because the Regionshops system will use this information to determine what currency should use when you buy or sell. The system will use also this information to check the postal code validity, knowing that the Regionshos system will rely on the postal code to know which stores belong to your region and displays them

6. The Postal Code

The postal code is the principal information in the inscription step. The Regionshops system will use it to determine which stores are close to you. When a user wants to buy from Regionshops, the system displays only the stores of sellers who have the same postal code as his.

For example, If I live in France and precisely in Paris 01, I have to put 75100, in this case, only stores in this city will appear to me.

7. The City and The Rue

These two pieces of information will help the seller to find you when he is in the shipping process. It is preferable to provide as many details as possible

8. Further information

The more detailed it is, the faster the delivery person spots you.

To be able to make purchases or sell products on Regionshops, the system must ensure that the email address and phone number you used to create your account in the registration step exist and belong to you

For that, go to the buyer space, At first, start by verifying the address email.

1. The Address Email Verification

To verify your email address, go to the verification email section in the middle of the page, and enter the account password in the first field and the address email you want to verify in the second one. Finally, you press the “Change/Verify Email” button. If all goes well, you will receive a link to the email address you just entered. Click on it. Note that this link expires in a while.

You will use the same steps to change the email address.

2. The Phone Number Verification

This operation requires that the email address is already verified. To verify your phone number, go to the phone number verification section, and enter the account password in the first field and the phone number in the second field. Finally, send the form by pressing the “Change/Verify Phone Number” button. If all goes well, you will be taken to a page asking for a code you should receive on your phone by SMS. Once you enter it correctly, you will be back to the buyer space page.

You can ensure that the operation takes place well by looking at the state value and color. It must take the “verified” value and green color. It is below the form title.

If the verification operation is unsuccessful, a red message appears at the top of the page explaining the error type and the content.

Note that the system allows you to send only 3 SMS messages per month.

To buy goods via Regionshops website or mobile application, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Search a Store

To place orders with the Regionshops system, you need to sign in. Once logged in, go to the map of stores through this link, where you will find all region stores as markers. Only the open stores will appear on the map, and you can place orders only with these stores.

The map displays a store during its opening hours in real-time, meaning that if the seller closes his store, the corresponding marker disappears from the map without refreshing the page, If he opens it, it will appear again.

The map displays only the stores belonging to your region. It will use the postal code to know if a store belongs to a region or not. It shows only the stores which are created by users having the same postal code as you. For example, if I have registered with the postal code 75000, only the stores which have been created by the users who have registered with this postal code will appear to me.

If you click on a store marker, a small window will be displayed containing some information about the corresponding store:

  • Images

    The store photos will appear as a slider.

  • Information

    some information and statistics about the store.

  • Delivery

    The shipping costs by area. The prices will be determined by the seller

  • Name

    The store name.

  • Enter Button

    To enter the store and browse its categories and products.

2. Enter a Store

When you press the enter button from the store information window, it takes you to the categories page. In the Regionshops system, the products are grouped into categories, which in turn can be grouped into parent categories at several levels. The sellers classify their products according to the similarity criterion to make the product search operation faster, saving time when you place orders.

The categories page is a list of all categories of a specific level in the tree, each of which contains two links. The first one explores it and displays its sub-categories at the lower level. The objective of this link is to restrict the search area. If the current category has no children, this link does not appear. The second one is used to go directly to its products.

In the left sidebar, you will find the trace of your path in the categories tree. You will use it to go back if necessary. That is very useful in the case of a big categories tree.

3. Add to the Cart

The products page contains the list of products of a specific category. Goods in the Regionshops system are represented by a collection of three pieces of information, namely the image and the price, and a button to explore more information or actions. When you click on this button, a small window appears containing more information about the product and a button to add the product to the cart with or without the possibility of customizing your selection according to the available customizations in stock, knowing that these customizations don’t affect the selection price.

Example of a product in Regionshops:


If you want to check your selection and their prices, you can display the cart content by clicking on its link at the top of the page in the middle. You can make any changes to it at any time before validating the order (delete a product, change the quantity, change the customization of a particular product, empty the entire cart, etc.).

Example of a selection in cart:


On this page, you can search for products by typing a part of the name or the complete name in the search bar located just above the products list and pressing the enter button on your keyboard. If you want to search for more than one product, you just have to type and separate with commas their names in the search bar.

On this page, you can search for a product by typing all or part of its name in the search bar just above the products list and pressing the enter button on your keyboard. If you want to search for more than one product, you just have to type and separate with commas their names in the search bar.

Like the categories page, in the left sidebar, there is a trace of the path you have taken for going back as a list of links. You just have to go to the link where you want to go back and click on it.

On this page, there is also a small lamp at the top of the left sidebar showing you the current state of the store in real time by taking three colors, namely:

  • Green: Open
  • Red: Close (you cannot place orders)
  • Blue: State not Determined 

4. Preview an Order Before Validation

This page displays the invoice content corresponding to your order. It contains all details about the selected products and their prices. The objective of this page is to check the order before submitting it to the seller. You can check the price to pay and how it has been calculated. It is always possible to go back to modify if necessary.

If all goes well, you can proceed to the submission operation. To do so, you just have to select one of the payment methods proposed by the corresponding store, listed in the left sidebar.

If the store proposes the cash method, you won’t have to pay online because the payment will take place when you receive the order.

After the validation of your order, if all goes well, you will be redirected to the buyer space The seller will be notified in his space and by e-mail.

In the buyer space, you can monitor your placed orders at the bottom of the left sidebar, where you find a list of the orders which are waiting for processing by the seller. When the seller process one of them, it disappears from this list in real-time.

If you use the mobile application for buying through Regionshops, you can monitor your orders from the orders tab in the buyer section. When the seller processes an order you have placed, it changes its color from red to orange.

You can access the buyer space by going to the link

Changing the Password

You can change your password from the buyer space at the homepage. You need to be connected.

Changing the Email Address

You can change your current email address from the buyer space,, from the homepage. The account password is required to ensure that the user who is trying to change it is the account owner. The email address is changed by sending a confirmation link to the new address.

You adopt the same method to verify the address email. The verification operation is required to be able to place orders with the Regionshops system.

Changing the Phone Number

You can change the current phone number from the buyer space through on the homepage, knowing that you cannot verify or change it if the email address is not verified. It is changed by sending a confirmation message “SMS” to the entered number.

Warning : Be careful when you enter the number because if you fail three times consecutively, you will be suspended for a month. For this reason, you should check the number before pressing the change button.

You adopt the same method to verify the phone number.

Changing the Position

It is the place where you will receive the orders you will place through the Regionshops system. To change it, go to the buyer space on the homepage, and put the marker on the place where you want to receive the orders.

Using Lists

To avoid placing the same order several times, you can save it in a list. In this way, each time you want to place this order, you just have to load it from the cart. The objective of the lists is to save time.

To create a list, go to the buyer space, and click on the “Lists” link under the “My Space” section. You can create up to 5 lists.

Changing the Personal Information

In this part, you can change your account information.

If you don’t have an account premium yet, or if your subscription is expired, and you try to access the seller space, the system will redirect you to the subscription page. On this page, you will find many types of paid subscriptions. The payment will be recurrent through the PayPal platform. (Note that you can cancel your subscription at any time from the moment of its launch)

Each offer consists of the three pieces of information below :

  • - The duration between two invoicing
  • - The amount to be debited from your card
  • - Total number of invoicing

If you are satisfied with an offer, click on it, and press the confirmation button, which leads to PayPal, where the transaction takes place safely. PayPal will ask you for your account username and password. Once you have logged in, you have to check the transaction details. If all goes well, you just have to validate. If the transaction is successful, you will be redirected to the Regionshops site again, and after a moment, you will be able to access the seller space or create a store if you don’t have one yet.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you must subscribe to, and associate your card with the new PayPal account you have created. For more information, follow these steps.

If you want to sell products through Regionshops platform, but you don’t have a visa card, you can subscribe with the second method, as shown below.

1. You send us a message via the contacts page containing these two pieces of information :

  • - The subscription duration you want to use.
  • - The country from which you want to transfer money.

2. After that, we will send you an instant quote. If you are okay with it, you will send us a confirmation.

3. We send you the required Paysera bank account details to receive the money from your bank account.

4. Once we have received the required amount, we activate it, and your account becomes premium during the subscription period.

If you want to sell products through Regionshops system, but you don’t have a store on it yet, you need to create one with a premium account. To do that, you have to go to the store creation page via this link, and you start by putting your store information in the form.

1. The Store Name

Ensure that the store name you have chosen is expressive and suitable for the type of products you will sell.

2. The Store Position

Move the map to the store region by typing its name in the search field located at the top. Once in the region, drag the marker to the place of the store.

3. The Store Password

You choose a strong password for private use later.

4. The Store Code

Select your activity type from the drop list. This information will help customers to find you quickly when they are buying.

5. The Store Photos

You can upload up to 5 photos to represent your store to the customers when they are looking for a store. Make sure you take them correctly. They will play an important role in attracting new clients. Try to do your best.

Once you have created a store in Regionshops, you can start publishing your products. To ensure that your store is active in Regionshops system, you need to have a good stock structure. For that, here are the base steps to follow.


To make your products visible and easier to find by customers, you must classify them according to their types. The categories’ objective is to help the customer to find a product quickly, reducing the shopping time. It’s essential to win the client's loyalty.

In the Regionshops system, the products without categories are not accessible to your store visitors. When you create categories, It’s essential to choose good names and organize them properly.

You can create categories from seller space, from the stock section in the left sidebar (Categories). You press the Add new category button.

In the form, enter a category name in the name field, and upload the image in the second one. Finally, a third field is optional. You use it when the category you are creating belongs to a mother category. e.g. if we assume that we have a grocery category in a supermarket, we can categorize their products into sub-categories like cereal, baking ingredients, fruits, frozen food, bakery, canned goods, cleaning products, and paper products. Each sub-category will have, in turn, sub-categories forming a categories tree. The tree structure is helpful in cases where the category contains many products. It makes the browsing operation much more tedious.

When the visitor clicks on your store from the stores page, he will be redirected to the categories page, where he starts browsing to find what he wants to buy.


To create a new product in Regionshops, go to the seller space page in the left sidebar. You can find the part of the products under the stock section. Click on it. Once you have clicked, The system redirects you to the products page, where you can add new products by pressing the “Add Products” button, which shows you a form containing the fields below.

1. Image

In this field, you upload the product photo. We recommend choosing a clear picture with transparent background (you can use tools like Making photos looks pretty propels the visitor to buy. It is also recommended to rename the image with an expressive name before uploading it.

The image size must be at most 100 KB because quality is not necessary in the case of convenience goods exhibitions. That helps to make the loading of pages faster. If you have an image that exceeds the required size, you can compress it without losing quality using online services like

2. Reference

The reference is a suite of characters and numbers representing a specific product in your stock. Each product must have a unique reference. It is up to you to adopt any referencing method you want.

3. Barcode

Here you put the product barcode printed on the packaging. This information is helpful when you are searching in stock with many products. It helps to find products quickly. Use a barcode reader to read the code.

4. Name

Ensure that the name you choose is the same as that printed on the product. You should avoid choosing a long name for a better product appearance.

5. Price Buy

The product purchase price. It helps later when you calculate the statistics.

6. Price Sell

The Regionshops system will apply two operations on the product selling price value before showing it to the customers. The first one consists in using the available tax, if it exists. And the second one, consists in taking the result from the previous operation and apply a discount to it, if it exists. e.g. if we suppose that the price is 80, and you have a tax amount of 19 percent, with a 20 percent discount. The final price that the system will display is 79.2

7. Category

You choose a product category from the drop list, which include all available categories you have created in the categories section. You must be careful, don’t let this field empty because if you don’t select a category, the product will never be accessible to customers.

8. Attributes

You enter a description of the product. Ensure that you make a rigorously detailed description, answering questions most probably raised about this product, which increases the chance of adding it to the cart.

Product Attributes

In Regionshops, Product attributes are the characteristics of a product that allow the customer to customize it according to his need without affecting the price, such as taste, color, size, serial number, etc. You can configure them in this section. Note that when a user changes a product attribute when he is adding it or modifying it in his cart, the price doesn’t change. Many products can share the same attribute.

Attributes values

As its name suggests, it consists of values of a Product-attribute, explained earlier. For example, a taste attribute can take some Attribute-values like banana, orange, strawberry, etc.

You just have to put the value in the first field, and then select the corresponding attribute in the drop list, allowing the buyer to customize any product related to this attribute according to these values. For example, a buyer adds five yogurts to the cart in this way:

  • - Two strawberries.
  • - Two fruit.
  • - One banana.

To relate a product to an Attribute, you must first link it to an Attribute-set in the Product attribute section.

Attributes set

You can create an attribute set from the seller space in the left sidebar under the stock section. An attribute set can contain one or more product-attribute(s). All The attributes set you create here will appear as a list when you add a new product. A product can take no more than one attribute set.

For example, you can create a new attribute set named (color and size). When you add a new product and link it to this attribute set, you give the customer the possibility of customizing the color or the size when he adds it or sets it in the cart without affecting the price.

The Regionshops use the linking operation in the attribute-use section from the seller space to put product attributes into an attribute set. For more details about this operation, see the next part.

Attributes use

An Attribute-use is a link between a Product-attribute and an Attribute-set; it means that this Product-attribute belongs to this Attribute-set. The Attribute-set acts as an intermediary between a product and many Product-attributes.

If you take the previous example, you should create two Attribute-uses. The first one will be between the Attribute-set (color and size) and the Product-attribute (color), and the second one will be between the Attribute-set (color and size) and the Product-attribute (size). You link them by selecting the Attribute-set in the first drop list and the Product-attribute in the second one.

Note that the field LINENO presents the priority between the Attribute-uses.

Example of a customizable product


Once you have added all products, you can place yourself in the position of the customers and see how your products appear when a customer visits your store in Regionshops. To do that, you go to the front page, After signing in, you click on the “go shopping” link, which takes you to the store's map. Once you are there, enter your store and start browsing the categories and products you have created in the seller space, checking their appearance and content.

You can send an order in place of the customer to ensure the correct operation. When you come across problems or an incorrect result, you can always return to the seller space and correct them. If you get a problem exceeding your capacity, you can always contact our technical support through the contact page.

Once you have created all your products correctly and organized them into categories, the Regionshops customers start consulting them and sending orders that you will receive, treat, and deliver.

Incoming Orders Notification

The incoming orders notification will be from the seller space in the middle of the front page and at the top of the left sidebar under the Regionshops logo. If an order comes from a customer, it is indicated in these two places in the seller space without needing to reload the page, you just have to be logged in, and you must ensure that the session is alive. We recommend you refresh the page each hour at least to avoid automatic logouts.

Incoming Orders Notification through Email

In addition to the notification operation through the seller area, you receive an email every time a customer places an order with your store. The system sends the email to the user who has created the store in his email address related to his Regionshops account.

The notification through email is much more practical because, with this method, you will be notified, without needing to remain fixed in front of a webpage, waiting for orders, ensuring that it is always active.

It is essential to understand that to provide satisfactory service through the Regionshops system, you have to respect some conditions. One of these conditions is to respect the time of the treatment of orders and the delivery process. The shorter it is, the more convincing your service is.

When a customer places an order with your store in the Regionshops system, it should be detected in time, which makes this type of notification operation more important for satisfactory service.

The notification operation through email objective is to ensure the reception operation.

The notification email is sent to notify of a new order to the seller. It contains a link to his seller space, where he can treat it.

When a client places an order with your Regionshops store, you will be notified in the seller space and throw an email.

It is essential to discover the order when it arrives and process it quickly for delivery because the length of time from the moment the order is placed and the moment of its delivery matters a lot. This point plays an important role in increasing the clientele.

The order processing operation will be from the seller space in the middle of the front page, where there is a list of the orders which are still awaiting processing. You go to the order you want to process and click on the according button (treat) displaying its content. The system notifies the customer who has processed it in his space buyer by removing it from the list of pending orders. In the mobile application, the notification will be in the orders section by changing its color from red to orange.

1. The Preparation

Now that you know how to display the order content, it’s time to know how you prepare them for delivery.

If you have a big store, we recommend that you dedicate some agents to do this task, ensuring that the preparation of the orders process is fast as possible and making sure that it is not time-consuming. As we said in the previous sections, time is the first factor to be considered to be successful in Regionsohops business.

2. The Delivery

The delivery operation is to transport the orders to their senders. While the delivery man delivers an order, the client who will receive it can track his order by locating its current position in real time. That is possible if the delivery man activates the tracking option before riding on Regionshops mobile application with the seller account.

Once logged in on the mobile application with the seller account, you go to the order processing section and select the order which will be delivered. After that, you will arrive at its page where it exists a tracking button. When you press on it, it starts sharing your position with the order owner.

The order processing section on the mobile application is the list of all orders which have been placed with your Regionshops store, sorted by processing date. In this section, all orders which are not yet processed from the seller space on the website take the red color. They are not trackable, given in bold type. The processed orders which are still unpaid take the orange color and appear in a normal font-weight. These orders haven’t yet reached their destinations (not delivered, unavailable client…). The last type is paid orders in green. You can only consult them.

When you press the tracking button, it takes you to a map displaying your current position. In the meantime, the client who has placed the order can follow this position in real time on his Regionshops mobile application. But it is essential to know that when you change the tracking window or leave the application, the client loses the tracking. This is why you should keep this window open or minimized until the order reaches its destination. Once at the destination, the client pays the invoice. At this time, you press the ”got paid” button to achieve the process.

If you want to consult the list of processed orders, go to the seller space under the stock section in the left sidebar and click on the “Orders processed” link.

While you transport sensitive-temperature goods, consider using something like coolers. That is helpful to preserve them in cases of unsuccessful delivery attempts.

1. Pictures

You can change the store photos from the seller area by clicking on the pictures link under the shop section. You can upload up to 5 pictures.

2. Shipping Charges

Here, you determine the delivery costs which will be displayed to the customers before entering your store, by areas from the seller space by clicking on the “shipping charges” link under the shop section.

Note that the prices you will determine here play a very important role in attracting clients because the customers are interested in delivery prices. The lower the price, the higher the possibility of increasing your clientele.

3. Position

Here, you can indicate your activity location by dragging the marker to it on the map. These last three pieces of information will be displayed to the customer when he clicks on your store.

4. Open/Close Button

This button can take three colors. Each color represents a state, as explained below:

  • The Green Color

    It means that the store is ready to receive orders and delivery. It is not advisable to keep this button green when your store is closed. If so, you will take the risk of receiving orders during outside working hours, which causes ignored requests causing a loss of clients. When the button is green, the marker of your store appears to customers, allowing them to buy and place orders.

  • The Red Color

    When the button turns red, your store marker disappears from the map of stores, In this case, the customers can’t place orders with it.

    The Blue Color

    The blue color means that the Regionshops system could not identify the state of your store. There are several reasons for this. If the problem does not disappear by refreshing the page, in this case, you must contact the support through the contact page